fredag 21. august 2015

Sarah & mammas sunset picnic

Last night we experienced the rarity of an evening that was warm, sunny AND with no wind! It had to be enjoyed! Sarah and I packed the picnic basket and drove to the beautiful nearby lake, Orrevannet. We had a lovely time there, also enjoying the company of a beautiful white swan and some grasshoppers that made the background music for us. On the way home we saw, what must have been, hundreds of geese on their way south for the winter. We decided to do it again very soon!! :)

Julias first day of school 2005 and 2015

torsdag 13. august 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Our lovely Julia Rose is 16 today! :)

Our oldest wonderful daughter, Julia Rose, is 16 today!! You are one of those who just turn more and more beautiful every day, inside and out, Julia! Have a lovely birthday :) We love you lots!!

tirsdag 11. august 2015

My evening walk by the sea

I walked one of my favourite routes for my daily walk this evening. It's only a couple of km away from where we live, and on quiet evenings like tonight (as opposed to days when the wind nearly blows me off my feet) it is so quiet and lovely, and I so enjoy it! I even found this beautiful heart-shaped stone! :)